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These bracelets represent everything! For Jeff and I our faith is absolutely everything to us. These bracelets don't hold any super power on their own but they are a constant reminder of who we are and Who we stand for! Who we represent! Let's face it...this world isn't getting any easier and these are a visible reminder that it's all going to be ok. (and we have to behave and live like Christ even when this crazy world makes it hard!!! ahhhh!) We've got this because of Him!

Also, they look pretty cool!

• Choose your bead color

• Beautiful silver cross is about an inch long

• a gorgeous and meaningful gift

• waxed cord and stainless charm

• fits 6-8” as is but I can make it larger or smaller just let me know! Also, this style does have the long finishing ends that are very trendy but if you don’t like that, let me know your exact measurement and I can make it more fitted. As shown in the photos, would be the length on a 6.5" wrist...average women's wrist size is 7 inches.

• will include our branded packaging and in a cute little mesh bag!

Silver Beaded Macrame Cross Bracelet

SKU: Silver Beaded Macrame Bracelet
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